Trampoline Fun

Ahh the Trampoline! Literally the greatest thing we own in our home!

DahleBoys Jumping

I will never forget the day. I was sitting at one of my husband’s softball games, chit chatting with a fellow fan. I told her we had just moved into a house and finally had a great backyard.  We have been living in apartments since we moved to Denver and since Dean was a baby – so a backyard was HUGE! She told me that they just bought a new trampoline and planned to throw the old one away!

I couldn’t let this happen – I had wanted a trampoline my whole life (and I Know my husband’s inner child would be excited!)

We set up a weekend to make the trek to the other side of town with a 4 month old and a 3 year old.  The kids ran around and played while the adult men tore down the trampoline.  Fending off bees and anything with a stinger that must have lived in that trampoline for years and where not happy it was being destroyed! Great Defeat!

We loaded up and head home and we haven’t stopped jumping since! We will probably need to get a new jumping mat soon but it is still a prized possession in our home!

We live in Colorado so we can use our trampoline practically all year long.  We spend entire afternoons on the trampoline. It has the potential to make the “Boringest day ever” into the “Best DAY!!” Since we spend  so much time on our trampoline I thought I could fill you in on some of the awesome things we have found to do while jumping through the day (sometimes the night too!)

***Please remember that trampolines can be dangerous so always be sure to supervise your little ones while jumping as well as to remind little friend’s parents that you have a trampoline and will be jumping! It’s all Fun and Games until someone gets hurt right?!?!? ***

Dahle Boys Playing with Chalk on the Trampoline
  • Trampoline Chalk FUN
    • Chalk is so fun on the trampoline. The possibilities are endless. Make obstacle courses, have the kids jump on different shapes, Follow crazy lines, even make giant houses that they can bring their little people and play mobiles out to play with. (No need for a real doll house when you can design your own dream house – everyday!) Chalk is also just great to draw all over the trampoline with. Draw trees and flowers, Peace signs, hearts and crosses. Write your name HUGE so planes can see from the sky! Really whatever strikes your fancy!
Dylan Ready for the water!
  • Trampoline water balloons
    • Our kids are little still so the whole idea of getting smacked in the back or the side of the head – isn’t really the most fun idea. They are also boys and this will happen eventually and we don’t want them to be afraid when it does happen (because we all know boys can be mean….) we spend the entire morning filling up water balloon. Tell the boys that we will play with the filled ones after a nap. We load the trampoline up with water balloons and throw them on to jump all over. So much fun and so silly!  Be careful though if you do try this because trampolines can get super slippery when wet!
  • Popcorn
    • Popcorn is a game that many trampoline jumpers know! One person sits in the middle and holds onto their knees. The rest of the friends jump around the “popcorn kernel” until he POPS!
  • Duck Duck goose
    • This is the same as the game on the floor but running around the duck circle is a little trickier since you’re on a trampoline!
  • Lawn Concerts anyone?!?
    • Our Dean is quite the performer. We all sit in blankets on the grass and he performs his music or musical on the trampoline as if he were on a stage. A perfect lawn concert
  • Jumping and cuddling under the stars
    • We bring sleeping bags and pillows and blankets onto our trampoline. Make some popcorn grab some drinks with lids and put a laptop on a flat surface by the trampoline. Pop in a movie and spend the night watching a movie and watching the stars come out. (I don’t recommend putting the movie device on the trampoline ….. it’s just too hard not to jump!!)


There are so many things to do on a trampoline! I hope you found some great inspiration for your trampoline. I know summer is coming to a close but don’t stop the summer fun until it’s over right?! Please free to let me know your fun trampoline ideas or just let me know how these worked out for your jumping bunch!  Thanks for reading!!!Peace, Love and Prayers                The DahleMaMa