The DahleMaMa first post

Just wanted to finally write the first post from the DahleMaMa! First and foremost I wanted to say thank you to my family and friends for being so supportive. You have helped me push myself and believe that I can do this. Secondly, I wanted to fill everyone in on what is going on!

The Beginning

I started this site a little over 2 weeks ago and let me tell you – WOAH! I am learning so much. I have never considered myself a tech person.  I have a BA in public relations so I have some understanding of it – or I did before I had children and ‘mommy brain’ happened… Don’t get me wrong, I am all about Pinterest (LOVE PINTEREST) and I will post the occasional Facebook shout out but that’s about it!

So when my original computer crashed (yeah that’s right I said Crashed) as I was beginning this process, I was devastated and felt completely defeated. How could I think that I could do something like this?!?

Staying Positive!

Thank goodness my brother is a big time tech guy. When I asked him where I should get the computer looked at he said “I fix my computer myself – Call me later I’ll walk you through it”. Just like that we are on the phone and I am literally taking this computer apart. Freaking out 100% of the time.  I did it and felt like I could accomplish ANYTHING! I also found out that my Hard Drive was dead.

This was not going to slow me down though! I mean I just took apart a computer. I know I can create an awesome website with great inspiration using my favorite various social media sites.

Now without a computer things can be a little difficult. I pulled out my husband’s laptop that we let the kids use, primarily because it is missing a lot of the letter keys. Made it my computer and told Dean and Dylan that it was now grownups ONLY – this may give me a month before they get their sticky hands on it I hope

Now I was back in business! I downloaded and reinstalled all the programs. Took the time to search for pictures and things I lost in the crash. Then started rewriting and starting over.

Now and What’s To Come!

That is where we are today. Continually growing. Learning how to create a Blog/website that will have long-term success. I want it to look and act professional.  Even though I am not a website creator or even someone who uses the computer all the time (because to be honest it has been probably 4 years since I have used a computer) I am working and researching to make it as good as it can be!

I am also a full-time mom and wife. So even though I feel like I can move mountains and part the red sea with my courage and work ethic; my kids and hubby really like my attention. I like them too!  So staying focused on something other than them can make it tricky!

I will go all day just thinking about what I need to do to get this Blog up and running like a well-oiled machine. Then sit down after the house is quiet and the dishes are done and kids are in bed and can’t even see straight. My pure excitement is what has been pushing me through. That and how cute my house is starting to look with some of the projects we have been creating! I am ready to do this and dream of nothing but great things.

So with all this being said…. I am so excited to say WELCOME to The DahleMaMa Blog! A place filled with inspiration, great ideas, great people (I think), and lots of love and laughs. A place with open discussions and learning from other woman and people in similar situations. I want people to come to my site and feel like they are getting great and practical ideas for everyday of the year.  When the Holidays hit we will definitely be pumping up the volume because anyone who knows me will tell you – I LOVE THE HOLIDAYS!!!!

Thank you again for reading the first post from The DahleMaMa! I look forward to posting more and beginning this path to becoming a truly successful blogger. I especially look forward to working on new ideas and projects and sharing them with all of you! Make sure to have a very HAPPY DAY!

Peace Love and Prayers~

The DahleMaMa


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