About Me!

Me and Dean

Hello!!!  My name is Sophie Dahle (Pronounced like Dolly) which makes me …..The DahleMaMa (pronounced DOLLY MAMA – get it?!?)

I am so happy and beyond thankful that you have stopped by! I started this site as a way to pull all the ideas that are constantly running through my head into one happy place that I can share with everyone and show how awesome (and crazy)   this whole job of being a stay at home mom/wife truly is! I want to cook good food and make fun things and keep my house organized and efficient and clean (with little effort, minimal chemicals and little money spent to keep it that way).

That being said I am a Colorado Stay at home Mom/wife and proud of it (even when things do get real!!)

I am the mommy to two handsome and incredible little boys (AKA the DahleBOYS) Dean Leo 5 and Dylan 1 ½ years. Who light up my life and make my world go in so many ways! I am truly blessed to be able to spend my days laughing and creating with them – as well as the occasional bicker/temper tantrum. They have made me who I am today and more importantly, are helping me know who I want to be.

I am also the wife of the most amazing man I have ever met. He works hard for our family but also supports me in every way.  He makes me laugh and feel sillier than I even thought possible as well as puts my life in perspective and is truly my best friend. He is the most amazing Dad and is a true Hero in the eyes of my boys. This being said I want to keep him around for a while.  I find that staying in budget when wanting to craft, Decorate or Re – Organize makes life easier; that and making delicious food!!!!!!!

I truly love caring for my family and have this insane urge to constantly be thinking and doing. Since there are only 24 hours in a day and only so many dollars in our bank account this can get me into trouble at times.   Luckily, I LOVE to work under pressure (HELLO EVERY HOLIDAY! WOOP WOOP!)  And finding ways to craft, cook, organize, or have fun on the dime is basically my JAM!  I know there are other people in the same boat, and I am beyond happy that you are here with me to control our sanities -and families- in a fun and practical/budget friendly way!

In my Blog You will find fun & yummy recipes to do alone as well as with your kiddo, Fun crafts and kid ideas, crazy stories, and other lifestyle tips and time-savers! So stay tuned and let me know what we can do together and what you think because I also started this to join a community because let’s face it being a mommy can feel super lonely and absolutely nuts sometimes – but knowing you’re not alone makes things feel so much better! Thanks again for stopping by and I can’t wait to learn from your thoughts as well as share great ideas and inspirations that will (hopefully) help you LIVE & LOVE HAPPY!!

Peace Love and Prayers